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Core Values

At Grace Presbyterian, we are committed to the historic core of Christianity as it's clearly expressed in Scripture. We aim to apply that core gospel message to everyday life in the 21st Century, building our church around these five related values. The Gospel changes our community, our mission, our lives, our society and our calling.

1. Gospel Centrality. The Gospel (Jesus Christ's fulfillment of God's plan of redemption as proclaimed in the Scriptures) is the central core of all Christian truth and the Gospel alone is the power for changed communities and lives. Our church bases everything on the implications of the gospel.

2. Gospel Community. The gospel creates a new people of Christ united to one another. Through this radically different community the kingdom of Jesus grows throughout the world. We value authentic friendships.

3. Gospel Mission. The gospel makes us welcoming, understanding and respectful to people who do not share our beliefs by giving us humility and confidence in Jesus. Christians are agents of God's grace in the regions where God called them. We love and serve the whole Valley where we live.

4. Gospel Transformation. The gospel changes people from the inside out by giving a new object of worship and the freedom to repent with hope. Grace brings joy and delight. We encourage obedience that reflects a love of God and oppose self-righteousness.

5. Gospel Restoration. The Kingdom of Christ brings justice for the poor and outcast. The Gospel heals social brokenness as it restores the damages of sin. We believe true generosity and compassion flow out of humbly receiving Christ's mercy.

6. Gospel Calling. Jesus redeems human culture as Christians work with distinction, excellence, creativity and accountability in their professions. We see our various callings as arenas for following Jesus in the world.

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Grace Presbyterian Church belongs to the Presbyterian Church in America. A summary.