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Our Vision

our purpose as a church

If you haven't visited our church yet, you may wonder what we are about and why are we here. In short, our purpose is to bring the historic resources of the Christian faith (truth, worship, sacraments, community, mission) to bear on our ourselves and Silicon Valley so that it makes a visible difference. The message of the gospel turns us into a people of the gospel. We see ourselves as a missional community of faith which does not exist simply to satisfy the needs of its members. Instead, we are servants of Jesus, seeking to bring his kingdom to our cities, workplaces, neighborhoods and culture in His name. We rely on the Spirit of God to empower us to be his church.

our message of God's grace

The classic Gospel message - that sinners are forgiven and accepted by God because of the work of Jesus Christ (2Cor 5:17) - is a power that can transform anyone and any place it touches. This forgiveness comes simply by the grace of God through faith and not by our own striving or achievement. We want people to be surprised how urgent and how penetrating the gospel is to their lives. The gospel isn't about simply doing better or being nicer. It's about a whole new life, a new object of worship. Once that foundational change occurs, every aspect of life is different. Jesus Christ is the Lord of all and we expect comprehensive transformation - in community, in relationships, in career, in neighborhoods.

our community of God's grace

The Gospel critiques both religion and irreligion (Matt. 21:31). It will affect everything we do at our church.

Our community is based on the grace and freedom of the gospel. Our hope is to create a church that reaches the secularized majority, that is new in its approach and yet deeply committed to the historic Christian truths of the gospel. We expect to attract people from all backgrounds, and will welcome skeptics and seekers. Like Jesus, we are willing to go where people are and to speak their language. We are a church that never closes, that meets during the week in small communities, on-line, or in ministry teams. The whole community, not just the pastors, are involved in caring for one another.

ten years from now, what do we hope that our church will still look like?

  • Passionate and historic worship
  • Life-transforming community life
  • Profound and practical teaching
  • Merciful caring
  • Active lay leadership and training
  • Bold confidence in the gospel
  • Resource for starting many new churches in Silicon Valley

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