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Community Groups

the heart of the church

The heart of our church is a network of small groups, in which face-to-face friendships, encouragement and mutual ministry develop. These groups are led by members and meet in homes throughout Silicon Valley. They are also the primary place of prayer for the church and God's kingdom.

community groups

Grace Presbyterian Church is based on Community Groups because we are committed to several important biblical values:

1. We believe that the Gospel creates a new community which loves and serves each other
2. We believe that the Gospel alone changes people's lives
3. We believe that this change occurs as Christians share their lives with one another in mutual encouragement

Community Groups are small communities of six to twelve people meeting in homes throughout Silicon Valley and the South Bay during the week. They are primary Christian communities, the first place Christians turn to for applying the gospel to their lives. All groups are led by trained leaders from the congregation who receive continued oversight and support. These groups are geographical rather than topical, allowing a diversity to emerge in each group, allowing members to benefit from the varied experiences of their fellow believers. Most groups remain open to visitors and new participants.

Each group expects to weave people together in Christ, enabling lives to be transformed by the gospel through mutual ministry. People should see regular changes in their life as they draw closer to Christ and are remade in his image.While some churches may have small groups on the side, Grace Presbyterian Church is centered around our Community Groups. They are the core of the church. Therefore, belonging to a Community Group is the way to truly belong to our church.

Interested in joining a CG?

Below is a map of current community groups, with contact information for each group leader. You can also find more information at the Welcome tables at each site on Sundays.

Map of Current Community Groups

Community Groups

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Los Gatos

Tom & Kristen Willerer

Saturdays Matthew & Melette Cabot
Mountain View
Wednesdays Jared & Tia Kruzek
  Mike Bahn & Caleb Tseng
Palo Alto
Sundays Yang & Ruth Wu
Tuesdays Elise & Jordan Ziegenbein
Wednesdays John & Ana O'Connor
  Xander & Maleesa Pollock
Redwood City
Mondays Kevin & Elle Koleckar

San Mateo

Sunday (women) Friday (men) Marie & Phil Suh
Wednesdays Kat McLean
South San Jose
Fridays Rob & Jenn Lombardi
South Willow Glen
Fridays Jaeik Song
Wednesdays Adam & Allie Leeper
  Matthew & Brenna Hall
  Walt & Kip Jones
  Felix & Melvina Lee
Sundays Scott & Emily Holzer
  Timon Smith, Benjamin Chen
Sunnyvale / Santa Clara
Wednesdays Matt Tiscareno
The Alameda
Wednesdays Wilson Whitten
West San Jose
Wednesdays Trent Willis
Wednesdays Brett & Melody Westervelt

Affinity Groups

PA Women's Bible Study Kathy Jenke Wednesday Mornings
GraceCreates Elise Ziegenbein Varies

PA Men's Group

Jared Wenger Sundays
Faith & Sexuality James Bailon Varies
Men's Sexual Wholeness David Jones Varies
SB Women's Fellowship Angela Wheeless Varies
SB Women's Bible Study Michelle Evans Varies
Men's Sexual Wholeness Bob Crossland Varies