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Current Sermon Series

South Bay - The Gospel According to Mark: Following Jesus

Who is Jesus? Son of God, King of Kings, the Messiah, itinerant teacher from Nazareth, Son of Mary, Lamb of God. The Gospel according to Mark presents the words and actions of a man, a friend, a son and a King who calls his family and friends  - and us! - to follow him. Answering Jesus’ call changes every aspect of our lives - our relationships, our priorities, our habits, our worldview - because following Jesus means allowing him to change us, remake us, redeem us. He calls to you - will you follow?

Palo Alto - The Gift of the Spirit

The historic Christian Faith has always confessed that there is One God, who has eternally existed as three Divine persons . . . Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But too many Christians have a poor understanding of Who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. Some view the Spirit as an impersonal force or power. But He’s a Divine Person. Others ignore Him all together. Yet His role in the work of redemption is vital and wonderful. The Holy Spirit brings us the presence of the risen Jesus. He makes holiness beautiful and God’s people missional. Come explore with us the glorious gift of the Holy Spirit!