David Birnie

Director of Youth Ministries

David Birnie David has been married to Krista since 2010. Before becoming the Director of Middle and High School Ministries, David served as the intern for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Stanford University for two years and worked for a sports ministry called Pro Athletes Outreach for two years.

David grew up in Southern California and Atlanta, Georgia before going to Wake Forest in North Carolina, where he was a Young Life leader at Reynolds High School. Krista is originally from Connecticut and has been in Palo Alto since 2002.

David loves all sorts of friendly competition, including basketball, baseball, frisbee, soccer, golf, football, and just about anything else that involves running around and having fun.

Little known fact: David and Krista first met in David and Mindi Jones's kitchen.

Contact: dbirnie@gracepres.com