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GraceGlobal is part of Grace Presbyterian Church’s response to the Great Commission given in Matthew 28:18-20 and focuses on supporting global partners and connecting them to the Grace Church community. We aim to bring the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and actively encourage the Grace Church community to support missions through prayer and by serving.

Ways to Get Involved

Please send us your name and email to be included in partner prayer updates and requests and future GraceGlobal events including missionary visits and prayer gatherings. The GraceGlobal committee can be reached at grace-global [at] Please pray for our ministry partners below. We also encourage community groups to “adopt” a ministry partner and to serve and support missions together.

Our Global Ministry Partners

M and C, whose names we are abbreviating for security reasons, have been ministering in SE Asia since 1998. Their vision is to touch the 'unreached' for Christ, and their focus has been disciple-making to reach the many unreached peoples of SE Asia. Beginning in April, 2018, M & C have partnered with Rejoice Ministries International. They offer multi-faceted care for long term workers which nurtures the emotional/physical health and spiritual vibrancy needed for lasting fruitfulness. ‘Tending’ the lives of kingdom workers in some of the most difficult places in SE Asia, M & C offer mentoring/discipleship, leadership development, counseling, team training and member care to national leaders and expatriate workers--both those on the field and those on furlough--whose vision is to impact their cultures for Christ.

Prayer Requests

Praise for the many connections God gave on a recent "planning trip" to SE Asia. (M & C want Grace to know they have felt very 'carried' in many ways by all of us at Grace)

Ask for God to give deep, trusted relationships to M & C with the workers in SE Asia God desires to encourage. Pray they abide in Christ's Word, and sensitively minister Christ as they spend 12 weeks with people in late November through mid February. Pray that all they do be multiplied.

Pray for continued protection--physical and spiritual--of the work they are doing. Their passion is "good discipleship' for the laborers of the harvest field.

Pray for New Life House, a drug rehabilitation and vocational training center. M & C are working to fully fund this vibrant outreach and to care for its staff. Ask for full funding by December 2018 so the staff and managers can minister full time and open their doors wider.

Pray for the 130+ people groups of SE Asia who are unengaged and unreached.

Pray for M & C’s 4 grown children and grandchildren, especially for their 9-year old grandson, Roman, who has a rare and severe degenerative nerve and muscle disorder. Pray for physical healing, and wisdom and grace for M & C and their daughter, Amelia, as they walk with God in this difficult circumstance. Pray that Roman grows in his love for, trust in and reliance on Jesus. Pray that God receives much, much glory through all these challenges!

Pray  that M&C  be fully funded by December 31 of this year. They are encouraged that they have over 65% of their needed monthly funds! Ask that their support team be drawn into the impact of what God is doing and blessed for their investment and participation.

To support M & C, you can donate here by typing in M & C’s last name (email GraceGlobal if you don’t know their last name; we purposefully keep it low profile).

Ryan & Amanda Burleson have lived and served in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2011. They currently have lived in South Africa almost two years where they work in the Johannesburg area building a network of people pursuing disciple-making movements locally and are part of a greater work across Africa serving a network called Accelerate which is a collection of teams of catalytic disciple making movement leaders, from different nations, and different organizations. Accelerate brings leaders together to serve the Africa vision for training, coaching and mentoring, and forming adaptive learning environments so that learning and adaptation can happen faster. This vision serves leaders involved in multiple contexts, especially in rapidly changing contexts like urban environments, which will hold 70% of the world's population by 2050. Amanda and Ryan have three children - Hope, Mercy, and Justice.

Prayer Requests

Continue praying for their daughter Mercy as she continues to excel with hearing loss.  She enters first grade in January.

Pray for the Burlesons’ visa situation. Visas have gotten stricter in South Africa and they have had to change Mercy’s visa to “student” as she enters school; they will re-apply in January 2020.

Pray for the leaders the Burlesons’ work with in three key areas: financial solutions so the gospel isn’t hindered in this area, healthy leadership, and for the idea of teams to be experienced in such a way that the idea spreads.

Pray for strategic indigenous leaders to emerge that can help the vision be owned more by Africans.

To support Ryan and Amanda, check out the Burlesons’ Facebook page. You can donate here (type in and select “Burleson, Ryan & Amanda”).

Gabriel & Olga Diaz are church-planters in Saltillo, Mexico where they pastor a church (Dios con Nosotros) and are engaged in mentoring, encouraging, and training other church-planters. They began their ministry there over 10 years ago, planting Dios Con Nosotros, and despite years of hardship and difficulty, have seen tremendous fruit in the hearts of their congregation and community. They are entering into the next phase of their ministry, partnering with the local Centro para la Plantación de Iglesias (CPI, an MTW partner, Center for Church-planting) as well as the Latin America branch of NY-based Redeemer City to City to support and catalyze the local church-planting movement.

Prayer Requests

Pray for the opportunity to call another pastor to lead Dios Con Nosotros, and that God would bless the ministry of this church so that the Diazes are free to devote themselves to planting and developing other churches in the area.

Pray for the three Saltillo church plants whose pastors Gabriel has been mentoring and training over the past year, that the Lord would help them minister to their communities with the good news of the Gospel.

Pray that God would provide financially and spiritually for Gabriel and Olga as they support other local pastors and congregations and grow the local church-planting movement.

Pray for the development of local church leaders (lay and pastor), specifically that they would embrace a humble and gospel-driven ministry rather than a legalistic and tradition-driven ministry, which is often just as big a problem in protestant churches as in Roman Catholic churches.

Pray for Olga’s ministry to women in the local church, especially church-planters’ wives, as part of the ministry Parakaleo.

To support Gabriel and Olga, you can donate here (designate account number 093873 Saltillo Mexico Church Plant).

Bob & Becky Faber have served with Salt Ventures in Sofia, Bulgaria for 18 years. They invest in the community, the workplace, and among the poor. Teaching church history and theology at St. Trivelius Institute, the largest Protestant theological college in the region, they share Christian life with employees and staff in the community though the companies Welcome to Bulgaria and Worker Bee Tours. Through their formation of the PINK Foundation, the Fabers shepherd staff and volunteers who join as the Holy Spirit transforms lives of children at risk. PINK Foundation serves hundreds of children every week in 4 cities/ towns. The Fabers have three grown kids.

Prayer Requests

Praise for a good start to fall programs & excitement for PINK continuing in 4 communities.  God granted us favor so many local leaders keep proposing opportunities to work together.  May we have discernment; may our Lord provide resources to walk through open doors.

Please pray for (and praise God for) great volunteers and tender hearts as PINK works to create a meaningful presence in the lives of kids.

Pray for a successful academic year at the Trivelius Institute and process for national accreditation. New laws may limit access to Bible colleges who aren’t Eastern Orthodox. Bulgaria is communist and wary of Protestants especially in theology. Wisdom from the Holy Spirit is needed to navigate well.

Pray that travel and speaking efforts bear fruit in short and long term help for Bulgaria. Salt Ventures Board tasked us to recruit new missionaries. People are the greatest resource we lack;  Harvest here is ripe!

Praise God for providing last summer and please pray for next year!

6 interns for the summer

10 summer trips that helped with programs (one week)

30 new Pink sponsors

Praise for two new grandbabies born in 2018.

Want to get plugged in? Email the committee to get added to newsletters, and, to personally support the Fabers, you can donate to Salt Ventures here.

  • To give directly to the Fabers, please designate “For Bob & Becky Faber”
  • To give to PINK House, please designate “For PINK”
  • To give to Trivelius Institute, Young Life, or the Filling Station, just designate the project name on the gift

Westminster Biblical Missions (WBM) has been committed to planting and multiplying churches in Pakistan for over twenty years. WBM runs a Presbyterian theological seminary, primary and secondary schools, and several Bible literacy programs in Lahore and the surrounding Punjab province. WBM also sponsors a medical clinic. Pastor Sardar and Anila Din are Grace Church’s primary contacts at WBM. Pastor Din leads the Bible Believing Lahore Church Council and the Pakistani Presbyterian Convention.

Prayer Requests

Praise for the ordination of two seminary graduates and the funding and ongoing work toward constructing a new church building in the Saharaq Pur area and a new school in Wandala Dial Shah.

Pray for the strength and healing of Pastor Din, who suffers from chronic asthma.

Pray that the Bible Believing Lahore Church Council Lahore will be able to re-open a bank account in Pakistan.

Pray for the reversal of the ban on Christian broadcasting and for the expansion of WBM’s outreach on cable television.

Pray for the security of Christians in Pakistan. May the WBM churches, schools, medical clinic, and seminary be kept safe from violence. May God bless His people with peace as they seek to follow Him and do His will.

To support WBM, you can donate here (designate “Pakistan-Lahore”).


Short Term Mission Trips

If you are interested in joining, supporting, or coordinating a short term missions trip, please contact GraceGlobal at