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Diaconal Mercy Team

The Diaconal Mercy Team is a ministry that reaches out to people in Grace Presbyterian Church's congregation who are in crisis. Unlike the elders, who are responsible for teaching the Gospel and overseeing the church, the people serving with this team focus on tangibly conveying the Gospel by extending mercy. The men and women who serve in this ministry offer practical help to Grace members and regular attenders who are facing a crisis or a challenging situation. Depending on the circumstances, they may provide social, emotional and physical, as well as financial support to these individuals. The Diaconaal Mercy Team also strives to link them to the broader Christian community within Grace, in the hope that they will feel the compassion of the whole body of Christ. (Deuteronomy 15:7-11; James 2:12-16; Acts 2:44-45).

Values and Beliefs

Gospel Centrality

Sinners are forgiven and accepted by God's grace alone because of the work of Jesus Christ (2Cor 5:17). This grace transforms anyone and any place that it touches. We acknowledge that the only one we truly lean on in order to help someone who is undergoing hardship is Jesus Christ. We are unable to effectively help anyone, spiritually or otherwise, without Him.

Changed Attitudes

The Gospel brings joy. Christ sets us free from anxious self-righteousness and worry. We can delight in the gifts God has given us. Our lives, worship, church, communication should be beautiful and full. Our loving and strong Father cares for and delights in his people. We are most at peace when we enjoy God in all of his fullness in our lives. We encourage clients to continually seek the Lord's ways according to the Bible, and to work on changing sinful behavior, especially as it contributes to their hardship.

Changed Lives

The Gospel produces changed lives. We no longer take our identity from what others think of us or what we think of us, but from what God thinks of us in Christ (I Corinthians 4:3-4). The Gospel produces neither an inferiority complex (since we are a beauty in Christ) or a superiority complex (since we are sinners standing only by grace.) This unique boldness and humility at once is a sign of the unique Gospel-psychology.


Need assistance?

Contact them at For severe medical emergencies, contact 911.